And the next 50 years?

Asher Ben Nathan – also known as der schöne Arthur – branded our bilateral relations in 1965. The first Israeli ambassador to Germany encouraged all sides “to build bridges, but not to forget”. After 50 years, one can look with amazement at our relationship. It has flourished miraculously, though it will always remain unusual.

But what’s next? How will we foster these relations beyond commemorations, business, and a somehow standardized exchange? We strived to arrange for the real encounter, the active collaboration, and the visible portray. Our media project is the result of two lively weeks, which put German and Israeli students of journalism center stage.

Our foundation thanks all these future messengers, who worked closely in mixed teams and delivered a momentary look on various topics. Hereby, Deutsche Journalistenschule, Tel Aviv University, and Hanns Seidel Foundation may have built another bridge that connects Bavaria and Israel and that may lead a bit to the future.

Richard Asbeck
Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, Jerusalem

Veganism – a revolution?

If you live in Tel Aviv, you will probably know at least one person who is a vegan. In Munich, being vegan is still less common. But things are changing. We visited both cities to check how veganism is expressed in the urban daily life.

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Two countries on wheels

How do people in Israel and Germany get from A to B? We took a look at the emerging e-bike scene in Tel Aviv, checked out what Germans love and hate about the public transportation and discovered a whole different side of Israel while taking the widely unknown bike trail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Continue reading “Two countries on wheels”


Being homosexual and religious seems to be a paradox. Sarah Weil is a LGBT-activist in Israel and an orthodox jew. For years she has struggled with her sexuality. After the stabbing of a 16 year old girl at the Gay-Pride-Parade in Jerusalem 2015, she took initiative.

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Refugees welcome?

More than 30 000 refugees from Eritrea live in Israel. How are they treated? We went to Tel Aviv and the Negev desert to answer this question. Continue reading “Refugees welcome?”

More Than Beer

Beer culture is everywhere in Munich – in Israel a Craft Beer scene is emerging. Can beer solve problems? Do beer and religion go together?
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DJS meets TAU – The Making Of.

Tel Aviv. Munich. Israel. Germany. That’s where we’ve met. Students from DJS and students from TAU. Somewhere between the beach and the Biergarten we got to know each other. We did articles and films about beer, about the rights of LGBT, about public transportation, refugees and veganism. But the really interesting thing about us meeting was – us meeting. Thats what we wanted to do a documentary about. So we filmed the students working together, going out together, fighting and getting to like each other. We wanted to give you a brief overview of the projects we’ve worked on, but also of the atmosphere, the spirit we created together. Seeing what fascinates german students in Tel Aviv and Israeli students in Munich, allowing ourselves to be tourists in our hometowns – that was most exciting about this exchange.


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